Who We Are

“All from fabric, all for your needs”

NaRaYa is the biggest and most renowned brand for bags and accessories in Asia. Based in Bangkok, it sells from Tokyo to Jakarta, employing a large number of staff and artisans, in Bangkok and in the provinces.

The company’s vision is to create products of high quality, with social awareness and very competitive pricing. Its bags and accessories are famous for their grace, vivid colors, imaginative designs and durability. Every one of its products is made by hand, with care and attention to detail and with the personal touch of the craftsmen/women who made it.

The company was founded in 1989 by the Greek businessman Vassilis Lathouras and his spouse Mrs Wasna Roongsaenthong, who, even today, supervises every stage of the creative process. At first it operated as a small family business. In 1992 the first production unit was created with 15 seamstresses. Since then it has continued to grow. Today it employs more than 3.000 staff in Thailand and in other countries.

The name Naraya in Hindi, is one of the names of Vishnu, the great Hindu deity. It is associated with positive thoughts and feelings.


NaRaYa supports small enterprises. Specialized rural technicians from remote villages in Thailand participate in the production process bringing funds back home and helping secure a living for their families in the less developed areas of the country.

NaRaYa also trained all of its technical and artisanal workers. They now number more than 4.000 in the whole of Thailand.

The company participates in national programs for the support of labor n remote areas of Thailand and the alleviation of poverty with the NGO CARE.